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Dallam County is a large but sparsely-populated rural county located close to the point where the Texas panhandle converges with the Oklahoma panhandle and the northeastern corner of New Mexico. The High Plains area is an important agricultural region for the entire state, ranking among the top ten counties in terms of beef production and top three for hogs and pig farming. The combined agricultural output of all 26 counties within the Texas High Plains Trade Area would place it among the top producers in the nation for beef and various crops if they were a state. A total of 795 acres were listed for sale in Dallam County, Texas, recently, representing about $39 million in Dallam County land and ranches for sale. Dallam County ranks 167th out of 254 counties in the Lone Star State for the total acreage of land currently advertised for sale. Dallam County is the 21st biggest county (1,505 square miles) in Texas. Dallam County is in the Texas Panhandle region of the state. Among cities in Dallam County with land and other rural acreage for sale, Dalhart had the most land for sale.
12LISTINGS FOR SALE #2,745 of 3,218 counties
$2,037,950MEDIAN LIST PRICE #31 of 3,218 counties
1931 acresMEDIAN ACREAGE #17 of 3,218 counties
$1,136 / acreMEDIAN PRICE PER ACRE #3,089 of 3,218 counties

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