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Located on the Edwards Plateau, housing a population of over 33,000 residents, lies Kendall County. Named after George Wilkins-Kendall, a journalist and Mexican-American war correspondent, Kendall County spreads out over 663 square miles and offers natural beauties like Spring Lake Ranch, but the sprawling county also offers an attractive downtown area with modern skyscrapers. Regardless if you prefer city life or country life, Kendall County offers the best of both worlds. A combined 18,351 acres were listed for sale in Texas's Kendall County recently; the overall value of all Kendall County land and rural real estate for sale was appromixately $378 million. Kendall County ranks 33rd out of 254 counties in the Lone Star State for the total acreage of land currently advertised for sale. Kendall County is Texas 's 228th largest county (663 square miles). Kendall County is in the South Texas region of the state. Boerne featured the most land for sale. The value and availability of land, make Kendall County a popular destination for older snowbirds.
500LISTINGS FOR SALE #524 of 3,218 counties
$595,600MEDIAN LIST PRICE #185 of 3,218 counties
6 acresMEDIAN ACREAGE #896 of 3,218 counties
$79,500 / acreMEDIAN PRICE PER ACRE #724 of 3,218 counties

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